Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was pretty fun, if not drawn out this year. Our town rec center had a trunk or treat the weekend before Halloween, then the school parties, then the ward trunk or treat, then actual Halloween. I was hoping that the kids would get so much candy at the trunk or treats that we would only have to go trick or treating to the neighbors we knew. No such luck, and 2 hours of trick or treating later they were finally ready to call it a night. Max was a trooper, he made it about 1 1/2 hours before I had to carry him. He fell asleep on the last street before we went home. The weather was so nice, we didn't even need jackets.

Making sugar cookies

Riley's preschool party
At the pumpkin patch. We went for FHE and just as we got there it started to rain. So we grabbed the best pumpkins we could find and went home. It kind of stinks b/c they have a little "petting zoo" and bouncy slide and hay maze to play on. Oh well, maybe next year.
The finished product
Carving the pumpkins. I don't love this part, but this is Emma's 2nd favorite thing about Halloween (after the candy of course)
The night before Halloween our ward had a Trunk or Treat. The weather was really warm so it was a lot of fun!
Our own Hannah Montanna!
High School Musical's Gabriella!


Travis and Adrienne said...

I'm glad to see Max's new smiles to add to the blog, very cute..your girls are totally cute too. Fun times!

emilyw said...

Your header is great! Your kids are so photogenic!!

emilyw said...

Aren't you due to have a baby? Like.... any day now?

Ryan Carrie Emma Riley Max said...

Emily, yes I am due any day now (technically the 23rd) but if he doesn't come before the 18th my Dr. will induce then!

Travis and Adrienne said...

Looked at your blog again to see Max's smile...I'll stop stalking you now.

Marc and Marie Johnson said...

Looks like Halloween was a blast! It's fun to catch up with your's been a long time! Hope all goes well with the arrival of #4! Take care!