Saturday, November 13, 2010

Days 2 & 3 - Disneyland & California Adventure!!!

The view from the first hotel we stayed in - a Hyatt

Disneyland!!! All day long Max was excited to go on the Indiana Jones ride, so when we finally got to it, he was too short!

SoCal Trip Day 1

Ryan had a conference in Southern California the end of October, so we decided to make a family vacation out of it. Ryan had to leave Sunday and the kids and I flew out Tuesday. Ryan was worried about me flying alone with the kids, but I was worried more about driving alone in LA traffic. Both were great. The girls sat behind me and the boys and entertained themselves on the flight, and Max and Brody were really great. Here we all are at the airport waiting for our flight.The first full day we were there Ryan still had classes, so we walked over the overpass to the beach and played. We thought it would be a little chilly so we didn't wear our swimsuits.Brody was not impressed with the cold water- but he had a really good time playing in the sand.We decided 80 degrees was warm enough so the kids went and got their suits on. Later that night we walked down the beach with Ryan.

Ryan had a dinner that night so we got some dinner then went home and practiced our face painting for halloween. I let my camera get wet at the beach and it stopped working so all the rest of the pictures are taken with our video camer, so they are not so great. Feeding the koi