Friday, May 23, 2008

Just Because It's Funny!!!

Ever since we've been back from MT Max has been singing "Happy Birthday to G-Sue" and this is his new version of it. I love the head shaking:)

Max Gets a Haircut


Max's 2nd Birthday and a trip to the Arvada Center

Poor Max woke up on his birthday w/ a fever and throwing up. He went to bed right after opening his presents. Poor kid!!!
He blew out his candles but didn't even eat his cake.
Over spring break we went to the Arvada Center to see the play "A Year W/ Frog and Toad" All 3 kids loved it!

Our (April) Trip to Montana!!!!

5:00 a.m. departure
We stopped over in Rexburg to see my sisters twins be blessed. Thankfully there were 2 babies so the girls didn't fight over who got to hold the baby!!!

Teamwork. It was sooooo windy and cold that day, actually it was cold everyday we were there!
Lewis and Clark Park in Stevensville -- that tractor and those giant tires were there when I was Riley's age!
We love cousins!!!
Looking at G-Sue's 60 memories book
All the (13)cousins. They're all sooo cute:)

The trip back, this is close to the "Big Hole Battlefield"

Hour 14.5 of the 15.5 hour trip home, in which I got my first ever speeding ticket (86 in a 75) Luckily it was in Montana so I paid the cop $20 and that was that!