Saturday, April 24, 2010


So our friends made us these yummy cookies, as soon as she walked in the door with them Brody smelled sugar and begged for one. When I gave one to him he took the hershey kiss and dropped the cookie. He continued to beg for more, but I put them on the table thinking they were out of his reach. I came back into the room about 2 minutes later to find Brody on the table and these bites out of the chocolate:)

Spring Break 2010

When it's 50 degrees outside and mom and dad tell you don't go in the fountain...

You should listen!!!

Playing dress up at the church museum at temple square

Little shepherds

We had never taken our kids to temple square, so we went to Utah for spring break to visit our cousins who are about to move to Georgia :( and to see temple square.

but first we stopped at the olympic park in park city (She's pretending she's flying down the course at 90 miles an hour)

Ryan had a very long (3 hour) conference call on our last day with our cousins, so my sister Shelly and I loaded all 7 kids into their suburban and took off for Ikea:) I was not impressed with Ikea the first time we went (a year ago) - but this time I appreciated it a little bit more :)

We spent our last night in Utah with Ryan's grandma and grandpa. Brody kept walking up to grandpa and giving him "5" and then "knuckles" It was good to see them. It was a quick visit, since it was supposed to start snowing in the mountains that afternoon we got an early start so we missed it. We'll have to go in the summer next time:)

We got back on Wednesday because Ryan had a big meeting Thursday morning. So we spent the rest of break making this. We hauled out about 11,000 tons of dirt (only a slight exaggeration) so we could put rocks under the swingset. Now the kids don't track mud inside:) (just little tiny rocks!)

Happy Birthday Max!!!

Headed to the nuggets game:)

Max was so excited to turn 4, he counted down for 3 weeks! All day long on his birthday, wherever we went, he told whoever we saw that he was 4! Here are a few facts about Max: He is a ham. Max tries to make everyone laugh, most of the time going overboard:) The other day Max was in time out for doing something naughty (something that happens a lot lately!). He whined for about 1/2 a second, then said to himself "that was the funniest thing I ever did!" Today we went to the baptism of some friends in the ward and Max was AWFUL. So on the way home I was explaining that he would have some quiet time and said "the way you acted was unacceptable" to which Max replied "that was Awesome!"
Max already is a little bit of a ladies man, with a decided preference for blondes. We were watching a show one day and there were a few girls on the screen, Max said "I like that one" pointing to the only blonde! He loves sports, especially baseball. Ryan took him to a Nuggets game for his birthday, he loved it:) He loves his sisters - he calls them "my girls" (as in "Dad, where's my girls") He's a good big brother to Brody too, he loves to wrestle and play with him.
Max has such excitement for everything! He is a happy kid who brings a lot of sunshine into our lives.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Riley had her first ever karate tournament. She had a blast, even taking 2nd place in one event. It was a relay - they ran through and demonstrated how to break out of 4 different holds. It was worth being in Greeley by 8 am:) Karate has been so good for Riley - she always comes home excited and she has really come out of her shell since starting (kindergarten has a little to do with that too I think).