Sunday, October 9, 2011

Underwear Ninjas

We are so very proud.

Riley's First Race

Riley ran her first 5K this spring!!!  The race was to benefit a group "families supporting adoption" that our friends belong to.  They adopted the sweetest little boy a few months ago.   Riley is my most exercise-prone kid.  She likes to do yoga with me, if  I'm doing a video she likes to join me, she asks to run with me...  so I had visions of us training everyday after school - which only happened once- so I was surprised and PROUD that she ran all but about 1/2 mile of the 3.1 miles of the race.  She just kept plugging along.  the longest she stopped was at the end - the finish line was in a park and there were lots of people around, and the people who put on the race are friends in our ward, so when Josh said her name in the microphone Riley's shyness got the better of her and she refused to run anymore.  There were friends at the finish clapping and yelling for her and it was all a little too much.  But I couldn't let her run almost the whole race and not run across the finish line- so I was trying anything to get her to run and she was refusing, so I told her I'd take her to Target afterwards to get anything she wanted, so she ran the last 20 yards to finish the race!  Thankfully the 'anything she wants' from Target ended up being a $11 Barbie make-up kit - whew!

 2.5 miles and still going strong!
 Proud girl at the end:)