Saturday, October 11, 2008

Everybody Loves a Parade

A few weekends ago we went with our neighbors to our town highschool's homecoming parade. We were in a really good spot to get a lot of candy, we were towards the end and there were no other kids around. The floats were pretty cute, Emma's elementary school had a bunch of kids walking and riding bikes and scooters. Emma (surprisingly) wanted to be in it, but sadly it did not work out. There were tears, but I think the candy made up for the disappointment. I love small town living (although it is nice to have the city 20 minutes away), but sadly we aren't THAT small town, the parade didn't even turn around an come back through,(Creamery Picnic anyone?), but good times were had by all. One of these days we will get out to a game, they are pretty fun to watch!

Mmm Mmm Good

I love LOVE freezer jam, I could eat it like soup. So when my friend Jarrie found this out, and also found out I had no clue how to make it(as I am homemaking challenged), she offered to teach me how (if I had known how easy it was, I would have already had a freezer full!). So King Soopers had a pretty good deal on strawberries last week and we spent the afternoon making freezer jam. Heaven smiled on us, as we had exactly enough strawberry mush for our last batch, and the bread I decided 3/4 of the way through to put in the bread maker (the only way to make it!) finished at the exact same time as we did. So we taste tested our work on hot from the oven (breadmaker) bread. YUM!!! Thanks Jarrie for helping me!

The fruits of our labor!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cool Dude(just a funny picture)

A Little Culture

We even got to see a crash, one car just hit the side of the track, but it was pretty cool!

A few weekends ago we went with some friends to the speedway (that we didn't know was 10 minutes from our house). It was so much fun, kind of an adrenalin pumping experience:) The kids really liked it, even the incredible noise of the engines! The best part was "intermission" where they had people from the audience race each other. The winner was an old guy w/ a pretty smokin' corvette! But there was a souped up turbo geo that gave him a run for his money:) It reminded me of one summer in high school that my friend Phillip and I went up in the mountains somewhere by Lolo where there was a big family reunion, and everybody had these souped up, trashed cars/trucks and they raced them in a meadow. We dubbed them "The Redneck Races," - Good times:) I think we will definitely be going back there again!

Emma's Brownies

Emma was on treat for family home evening on Monday, and she made these brownies all by herself. Ryan manned the oven and I got out the measuring cups she needed, but other than that she did the brownies and frosting (chocolate/raspberry frosting) herself! Way to go Emma! They were delicious (as you can see, by Wed. they are almost gone!)