Monday, September 14, 2009

Me and Mike!

So I have tons of summer pictures to post, but that can wait... this is more important!!!:) I love the weather, and in retirement Ryan and I are going to be stormchasers for the Discovery channel:) My favorite weather person is Mike Nelson on channel 7 - he really loves the weather too:) So, when we went to the PBS Kids fair, how surprised was I to see my favorite weather guy talking to parents in the face painting line:)!!!! I was starstruck the rest of the day:) The best part was when he came up to talk to us he asked us how many of the 4 kids were actually ours. Ryan said "all of 'em" to which Mike (we're on 1st name basis:)) replied "God bless you guys" He was so surprised, and kept saying that - "God bless you guys" and then he turned to me and was very sweet, so now I have a little crush:) Obviously Brody was not as starstruck!