Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor baby!!!

So Sunday morning poor Brody got 5 stitches under his lip. We think he climbed up on the changing table and fell off , but nobody was in the bedroom with him. He's never climbed on the changing table before, but he climbes on the toy boxes next to it a lot and anything else there is to climb. His newest favorite thing is getting up on top of the table. The stitches doen't seem to bother him, but he has had a hard time sleeping through the night this week. I'm just glad we have a children's hospital satellite just down the street!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Riley's Ipod

Riley wanted an ipod, so we told her if she worked hard and saved half the money she could get one. It took her 3 months, and she worked hard (asking every day what other chores she could do to earn money) and saved like crazy and here is the result!!!

Making chocolate chip marshmallow pancakes!

I love no school days!!!!

Naughty Max

Max was being naughty recently while we were trying to read scriptures, so he was sent to his room. When we went to get him out a few minutes later this is what we found...

Max loves the Buffaloes!

Ryan took Max to a CU Buffaloes basketball game a few weeks ago. Max L-O-V-E-D it!!! He got a buffalo tattoo from the cheerleaders, he got candy and gatorade, he brought posters home - everything that makes a 3-year-olds night perfect. When they got home Max fell asleep with the program in his hand. He has a yellow shirt with brown around the neck and arms (CU colors) that he now calls his "buffaloes shirt". I think they have a new fan!!!