Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Drummer Boy

Christmas Day

So Emma must have gotten up around 3, because by 3:30 she had been down to see the presents, gotten Riley up and taken her down to see the presents, and come to our room to tell us "It's Christmas, let's go open presents!" (even tho we threatened to take presents away if they got up before 6:30)! So after threatening life and limb we got the girls to at least go to one of their rooms to play. They did fall asleep at some point, and at 6:30 this is what we woke up to:) Which is better than last year, they let us sleep until 7:00, but they had been downstairs playing with their "Santa" presents for about an hour! I told Ryan, if Emma ever has the nerve to wake all the kids up at 3:30 we should just get up and open presents - in the interest of making memories:)

North Pole

Grandma was the only adult who could handle the tilt a whirl!!!

2nd Annual Christmas Eve dinner under the Christmas tree!