Saturday, January 29, 2011

We love this 7 year old!!!

Riley always seems to get a late birthday post, most likely because she was born just before the holidays:) Luckily Riley is a great sport about things! Riley has always been such a sweet girl. She never had the terrible 2's, 3's or 4's. Well, when she turned 4 she got a little defiant and that's about the age she discovered she could fight with Emma - but overall I would say Riley is our peacmaker:) She has always been tough. When she was just about 2, her cousin was trying to push Emma off of a scooter and Riley ran over and started defending Emma, hitting and pushing Cloe off of her sister. Riley likes to please people and make them happy. She used to be so shy, she would walk into the doorway of a room w/ people and just stop and refuse to go into the room. She has worked really hard to overcome this and has turned into a pretty friendly little girl. She talked really well at a really early age, the video at the end is my FAVORITE video of Riley - and we have a lot of pretty cute footage of her:)