Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tattoo Girl

Riley is our child who is going to come home one day with a tattoo or strange piercing. When she was a little younger she would sneak pens into the car and write on herself as we drove. When asked what was she doing she would reply "giving myself tattoos". So she went over to her friends house and came home with stamps all over her arms, legs and stomach. She did have them all over her face, but her friend's mom had washed those off. This picture is after I had already washed off several, and then realized I should record it for posterity.

Labor Day

Emma's mad photography skills

I am slowly catching up on our blog, so I am up to Labor Day (yea me)! We went hiking in Boulder in the morning and then to the pool for our last hurrah (which lasted about 1 hour, Max was TIRED!) Emma did enter the hula hoop contest (very big step for her, she's so shy and all) Then we had some friends over for BBQ and games. It was a fun/busy day to end the summer:)

The Hula hoop contest

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First days of school

Emma's first day of 2nd grade. She loves school as much as I did (not so much). But so far she has only had a few "I don't want to go to school" days! She really likes her teacher, Mrs. Simms, but there are 32!!! kids in her class. I think Mrs. Simms is probably pretty exhausted by the end of the day!

Riley's first day of preschool. She is loving it, she comes home in such a good mood!!!! When she is gone Max takes a nap and I have a few hours to do nothing at all:)

FATSO Campout

So in July or August our ward had its annual father-son campout. Ryan took Max up just for the evening, b/c he wanted to go waterskiing w/ his family the next day. They had a great time! It was long enough ago that I honestly can't remember what the girls and I did, I think we ended up at the mall:) I love that the girls are getting old enough to want to do things I like to do! (the last picture is at the lake the next day!)

The best sound

Riley and Max tend to fight a lot, so this is a rare moment that I thought I had better preserve!