Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break in Texas

We spent our spring break in San Antonio & Corpus Christi Texas. The first 3 days were in Corpus Christi so we could go to the beach. The weather was supposed to be close to 90 degrees, but was closer to 75. (dang But it was warm enough to play one day, and we made the most of it, until Emma picked up a shell that still had a tenant, then she was done.

Max chasing seagulls, he only believed he could really catch them for a few minutes!

As soon as we got to the sand Max started digging!

Brody wasn't old enough for sunscreen, so we improvised. (luckily he will be old enough in 31 days-when the pool opens)!

This was the entrance to a store that Max loved. He's apparently into sharks right now.

Our 2nd day @ the beach was cold & rainy- so we went to the aquarium.

Karate Kids!

Max's first rollercoaster ride (other than when mom "drives like a roller coaster!) I wasn't sure if he liked it, but he turned around & rode again!

Ryan's co-worker told us about a cajun restaurant called the Boiling Pot, where they cook everything in a pot together and dump it on the table. You eat w/ your fingers (our kids had no problem w/ that!) And the shrimp still had their heads on and we had to crack open the crab. It was really good, but a little gross pulling the heads off the shrimp! The kids actually liked the food. Our waitress was brand new-it was her first night- and she was really grossed out by it all:) She has a baby girl that was born on the same day as Brody.

Not-so-Karate Kid

Brody @ Sea World water park. They had a really good water park, but the water was like just-melted snow -- so Brody and I stayed out:)

Lunch on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It's a path that goes along the river all through San Antonio. There are shops and restaurants and it's very pretty.

You can't visit San Antonio w/o going to the Alamo!

Riley & Emma made Ryan take them on the Journey to Atlantis ride - I was too scared to go (I'm a party pooper). They are in the very back row -loving it!