Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Chocolate Cupcakes with Dad


Max asked me to get him a piece of cheese, I told him I would in a minute. When I went to cut him a piece I found that he didn't want to wait a minute:)

"Earth-Friendly" Iceskating

Over Christmas break we went to the outdoor mall by our house, that has an "earth-friendly" iceskating rink (insert huge eyeroll here)! Earth-friendly means some plywood coated w/ some sort of plastic that is impossible to skate on. It was cold but the girls had fun. Max doesn't have much tolerance for cold, and poor Brody couldn't move he was so bundled up, so Ryan and I took turns "skating" w/ the kids and taking Brody into stores to get warm -- good times:).


Emma played basketball again this year, and Ryan was one of her coaches again (that's how we bribe her to play:)) She seemed to have a lot of fun, (she won't admit how much fun she has - already a teenager!) and she placed first in her age group in the Denver Nuggets Basketball Challenge. (Way to go Emma!!!) This year was the first that boys and girls were seperated and that they kept score. They also had regular 10 foot baskets, which were super tall!!! I'm impressed they made any baskets at all! Some of the games were about an hour away, but we got to see (and smell) towns that we never knew existed in Colorado:) They won one game, and when they lost it didn't really bother any of the girls:) It was fun to watch, so hopefully she'll do it again next year!

Karate girl

Riley started taking karate this fall and she LOVES it:) 2 weeks ago she got her "full splits" patch, which means she can do the splits both ways! Way to go Riley:)