Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emma Cheerleading

At Emma's school they had an after school cheerleading workshop in March. She really liked it, but she got so shy when they were performing in front of the moms and dads she did not look like she was having a good time. She did a great job!


Last weekend my friend Jarrie and I ran the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon in Moab. It was a good time- I felt much better than I expected to at the end of the race. I brouht Brody and Jarrie's 12 year old daughter Paige came too. Paige watched Brody while we ran and did such a great job he has been having "Paige withdrawls" this week! After the race we drove through Arches (we had no energy to hike, although we did get out of the car for a few pictures:)) and then watched Grease before going to bed early! It was a fun trip- one that I would do again:)

Ryan helped the kids make a cake for me when I got home - a good way to get back the calories I used up running!!!

Me and Jarrie before the race. We had to meet in Moab to get bussed up the canyon almost to the start of the race at about 7:45am. The race started @ 10am.

This is where we got dropped off. There were more porta potties than I have ever seen in 1 place! And sooo many people using them - yuck!

We had to walk to the start, it's way at the top of the picture. It was a good warm up -- it was freezing!


Rock star T-ball

Max was in charge of the activity for Family Home Evening last week, & he chose T-ball in the basement. The girls got downstairs and decided they needed to put on their Halloween costumes (Emma is Hannah Montana and Riley is Gabriella from HSM). The girls lost interest pretty quickly, but Max is going to be a die hard baseball fan-like his dad!

Snow Days

The last 2 days of school before spring break were cancelled because we got about 12 inches of snow. It was nice to be at home & not have to go anywhere, although i spent the afternoon cooking freezer meals with my neighbor. So I loaded all my cooking supplies into a sled & hauled them across the street in the middle of the blowing snow. It was worth it though, because I came home (in the blowing snow) with 8 main dishes. So with leftovers & eating out I won't have to cook for 2+ weeks! Ryan & our neighbors tried to take the kids sledding the first day,in the blizzard. They lasted longer than I thought they would, about 45 minutes, but Friday & Saturday were much better days to go outside!


Brody doesn't like rice cereal!

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a good thing he likes spider man so much!!!

Max nursing his baby

Emma's broken arm

February 27th Emma fell out of my car and got a buckle fracture on her right wrist. She was so embarrassed that she wouldn't let me take a picture of her cast.(so I snuck one while she was sleeping) It wasn't terribly bad, so the cast only had to be on for 3 weeks. The day before the cast came off she finally let me take one, she was so excited:) Since it was the hand she writes with, her friend down the street (who is a lefty) helped her learn how to write with her left hand. She got pretty good at it:)

Riley's Lemonade

After watching an episode of Ruby and Max where Ruby has an lemonade stand, Riley made Ruby's lemonade w/ a secret ingredient (mint leaves). yummy:)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Max: "Mom, mom - Riley ...
Riley: "No I didn't"
Max: "Be quiet, I'm tellin' on you"

Who says it's not fun to dress boys too?

I bought this shirt @ a garage sale when Max was just a few months old, it's a size 3 but I just couldn't pass it up! As soon as he could possibly wear it, we put it on. Sadly the first time Max wore it was to church, so now he will only wear it to church, as it is now a "church shirt".

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chocolate cupcakes or "almost burned down the house" blueberry muffins?

Riley's Puppet Show

Cat $ the fiddle

Moon & cow

Dish and spoon

Riley worked all morning on these puppets!