Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wasatch Back 2010

Stephanie ending her first run!

Jen starting her first run

So 10 girls from our ward and 2 of their sisters ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar relay race in June. I did not get any great pics but check out our official team blog . We ran 188 miles from Logan UT to Park City UT. It took us just over 30 hours, we came in 29th out of I can't remember how many, but we did dang good! It was so much fun, we didn't get a lot of sleep, but it was worth it! We had lots of training runs and meetings (aka parties) in the months leading up to the race. It was great getting to know all the girls better and I am so excited that we get to do it all again in California:) We had a spa day the day after the race, which REALLY made the running, trying to sleep on the field of a middle school, waiting in line for porta potties, paying $2 to use a flushing toilet in a middle school at an exchange, trying to sleep in the van, nothing but power bars and bagels to eat, and no shower all worth it!!! I truly used more porta potties in that 30 hours than I ever have in my life!!!
Ryan drove to Utah by himself with the kids (he gets husband of the year!) to go to his cousins homecoming, then Monday we headed up to Montana to see my family (see next post)! Also, on the way to Utah on the Wed. before the race we (I rode with 2 of my teammates Jarrie and Susan and Jarrie's daughter Paige) saw a tornado and were in the middle of a blizzard! (crazy Wyoming weather)! It was an adventure:) We also introduced Paige (who's 13) to the joys of '90's music with a rather good serenade of "when I look into your eyes" (if I do say so myself) that she recorded and played back for us at breakfast:) It was a great weekend and I'm so glad we got to do it:)

The lake 2010

So we got to go to the lake a few weeks ago, that's 1 time more than last year (dang crazy schedules!) We get to go again this week, so maybe I'll get better pictures:) Brody does not love the boat, but he does love the tube:) This Saturday the girls are going to try waterskiing for the first time !

Riley is now a Green Belt!

I don't know why my pictures of karate are so bad, but Riley got her green belt at the end of the semester!!!!

Riley's field trip

For the kindergarten field trip this year Riley's class went to the Sunshine Farm. It had a great tree house with a rope bridge, animals to feed, tire swings to swing on, tractors to play on, and a great zip slide! It was a great day! Max got to come along too, he had a fun time - notice the bruise on his cheek? That's from falling down the window well a few days before. Painful!

The Rockies game that never was (for us)!

So we had some really great Rockies tickets from Ryan's boss. We got dinner, snacks, dressed up in our purple and black, drove to the game , parked and started walking ... and then it poured! and poured and poured down rain. We ate dinner sitting in by all the vendors as it continued to pour, then decided to head home, confident that the game would be called due to rain and we could come another, sunnier day:) Well, back in the parking lot there was about 2 inches of water that we had to wade through. We were very confident that we would get to come back another day, so we got in the car and started driving home in the rain. We got home, (it was still raining) and ended up watching the game on tv - they still played in the rain!!!

Emma's running club

It's been a while since I updated, so some of these will be old:) Emma participated in a running club at school. They met once a week after school for several weeks. For the last day she ran 2 miles - way to go Emma:)