Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Max

Max is now almost 5 1/2 - but my computers been broken & wouldn't stay on long enough to load pictures, so now I have a new computer and much catching up! Max turned 5 April 7, so here are some facts about Max:
Max is usually either smiling or sleeping. He will fall asleep anywhere, and often does on playdates. Once he fell asleep in his friends car with food in his mouth. I had a whole bunch of pictures of his random falling asleep but he and his little friend Gavin were taking pictures of them throwing cereal all over (a post for another day) and deleted the sleeping photos (but not the ones of their destruction!!!)
Max LOVES to play dress-up in his sisters dresses- but refuses to wear a pink helmet to ride a 4 wheeler!
He is a ladies man. At his last preschool parent conference the teacher told us the girls won't call on anybody until Max raises his had during sharing time. And if he's in the bathroom they will wait. You can already tell he has a preference for blondes, but a few brunettes have caught his attention:)
He is a crazy man, but still has a healthy dose of fear. He will jump from any height, drives a jet ski with abandon, and watch out when he's on his scooter!
Max is a great brother. He takes good care of Brody and is concerned about "my girls" as he used to call them:)
He loves to make people laugh. Anytime someone asks him a question you can see his wheels spinning, trying to come up with something funny to say.
We love you Max!!!