Monday, March 14, 2011

The rest of Costa Rica

So here is the rest of our time in Costa Rica. We drove around to several beaches and shopped a little ( and found the best headbands for boating !) on day 2. We shopped on this street and got stopped by a guy selling boating trips. He promised us a 6 hour trip, snorkeling, surfing (with a surfing guide - body boards for Darren and Cindy) a cooler full of drinks and fruit - an overall great time! So we met the boat the next day, it had 2 surfboards - no guide- 1 body board and a cooler with a bag of ice, a small pineapple cut up (which was REALLY good) and 4 warm water bottles. Even though it was not what we were promised we did have a really good time!!!this little girl was the cutest, chubbiest baby in her cute green bikini! We had to sneak a picture! I think this is the beach Ryan and I tried to surf(below) - White sand beach. It is soo pretty. We had to swim out from the boat to the shore, try to surf, and then battle the waves and swim back to the boat.I you look hard there is a sea turtle in this picture, kind of above center. So after the first 2 days we realized that the small tube of sunblock I had brought was not going to last the 4 of us, so we headed to the little gift shop at our hotel. It was really reasonably priced, it had cute t-shirts for $12, swimsuits for around $30, but sunblock - for all of us white North Americans, was $25.99!!! Definitely a supply and demand scenario!!!On the boat We had a bunch of dolphins come swim up around the boat, there were 10 or more. They stopped the boat and they were all around us! Super cool!

This is Witches head - from some angle it looks like a witches head, we didn't get a picture from that angle
Me and Cyndi having lunch before we left
This is Gorilla head rock, we snorkled around it, there were tons of colorful fish - it was pretty cool. There's a monkey up there!
Ryan thinking deep thoughts On our way back it was high tide so the captain took us up a river. Darren was super stressed out, he was sure the "crew" would make us get off the boat and leave us there - what was stopping them?!?! He was really funny - this is him worrying.

Our "crew". They were really cool! Our last day there we headed to "Playa Grande" or as we call it Beeg Beech. It was Georgous! It was really relaxing and rejuvinating. And as we left we noticed a little shack that was advertising surf lessons. oh well.
Our last morning, on our way to breakfast